Imerman Angels Third Party Request Form

We want to thank you for thinking of Imerman Angels. We appreciate your passion and creativity in helping Imerman Angels ensure that no one fights cancer alone.

Prior to filling out Imerman Angels Third Party Request Form, please read through our guidelines:

Imerman Angels' Third Party Request Form helps us better understand and evaluate how Imerman Angels and you, or your business, will be working together. Click here to fill out our Third Party Request Form and someone from our team will be in touch within a week. Please see below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequestly Asked Questions

  1. Can I borrow your tax exempt status or employer identification number?

    Unfortunately, we cannot lend our tax exempt status or employer identification number for unofficial events or to those outside of our organization.

  2. How will Imerman Angels support me if I plan a third party event?

    Imerman Angels can help secure a speaker, small number of volunteers and provide you with brochures or other marketing materials to approved third party events and fundraisers.

  3. Can I borrow equipment, banners or other signage?

    In order to ensure that our collateral is readily available for official Imerman Angels events, we are unable to lend our equipment, banners and other signage. In exceptional cases we have allowed a third party event host to borrow banners or equipment.

  4. Can I use the Imerman Angels logo?

    Yes, approved third party event hosts can use the Imerman Angels logo. However, we request that you do so within our brand standards guideline.

  5. Will you promote my event to your community via social media or email?

    Unfortunately, we reserve social media and email outreach for mission focused messaging and official Imerman Angels events. However, in exceptional cases we have promoted third party events on social media.

  6. Will you help us secure auction or raffle items?

    Unfortunately, we cannot help secure in-kind donations, such as auction or raffle items. Our efforts are focused on securing donations for our official events. In addition, we are unable to give items that are solicited on behalf of Imerman Angels to an unofficial party as those items were receipted with a tax exempt letter from Imerman Angels.

  7. Can I use Imerman Angels materials for my event?

    Brochures and other marketing materials are available for approved third party partners. However, we cannot loan our equipment, banners and other signage. In exceptional cases we have allowed a third party event host to borrow banners or equipment.

  8. Can I sell a product and donate proceeds?

    Yes, but we cannot promote your product via social media or email.

  9. How should I sell tickets for my event? Can I use Imerman Angels online ticketing platform to sell tickets?

    We can provide an account to one of our online ticketing platforms. This will allow your event goers to receive automated receipts for their donation from Imerman Angels. You can also set-up your own online platform, but understand that if the funds do not come directly from the donor to Imerman Angels we cannot issue a receipt for the donation.

  10. Can I sell apparel at my event?

    Imerman Angels cannot provide apparel for you, but we can connect you directly to our supplier to order apparel and wristbands in bulk at a discounted rate.

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